Our City

Milpitas's history goes back to the first people in the Bay Area, and if we make the right decisions now for our families, Milpitas will be at the forefront of the future.

We have a lot to be proud of, but we also have a lot to get to work on, and I will be the most prepared Councilmember on their first day to get to work for you. The following are some of the top issues that I will address. Please contact us to share your feedback or to let us know what issues matter most to you and your family. Thank you.


A Safe & Stable Home For All

When my family relocated to Milpitas, it was because my parents wanted to ensure that we had the best neighborhood to find community, safety and family. Housing continues to be at crisis - not enough market rate, not enough supportive housing, not enough security that our youth and seniors will still be at their same home in the next 6 - 12 months. If we are worried about our housing, we cannot focus on our careers, our families and our lives.

Big developments are happening in Milpitas, but more are happening right along our border. While we have chosen to embrace and build the housing needed for our community, this also puts strain on our current infrastructure and services.

We need a balanced approach to bring better housing stability while ensuring we do not build units that end up empty, or overload our streets and schools without preparation.

Mobility That Works 24 Hours A Day

Milpitas provides a lot of jobs to the South Bay, and we provide a lot of the labor force as well, and our city is in the middle of the busiest corridors in Northern California. When Milpitas residents sit in traffic or are limited in their access to commerce or entertainment, then Milpitas residents are denied a chance to thrive and enjoy their community. And too many residents make trips by car that increased public transit services could make quicker and climate impact conscious.

BART is arriving and everyone is thinking of ways to address our congestion. My relationships with community leaders across Santa Clara County and regional partners gives our residents an advocate that will get the changes done an ensure the oversight required is in place to finally fix our transportation problems.

Services For Every Neighborhood

The City of Milpitas and your City Council provide the services that keep us and our families safe and maintains our quality of life. We rely on our fire and police departments to ensure our safety needs are met, but our entire community plays a part to keep us safe.

Working for the City of San Jose I saw first hand the safety improvements made with better lit streets, repair broken sidewalks and face-to-face interactions with residents. Our community is our family, and when we make sure to address the little things as well as the big ones, we do best to care for our loved ones while they engage in the beauty and recreation of our city.

Lately however, conditions at City Hall have been fractured. Change is underway, but residents deserve new faces on Council, new perspectives that will put an end to the business-as-usual tactics and end the drama that puts the needs of residents second to infighting and politics. When grandparents struggle to afford their water bills or children struggle to find safe places to play, we cannot be playing games, we need action. I am ready to lead us into a new day at City Hall and get your Council back to work for you.

Please let me know if you have additional questions

or need additional information - THANK YOU


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